Crypto Staking Services

We offer professional, secure, and reliable crypto staking services for investors looking to stake their coins with trusted third parties, such as the Cosmos Network.

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As an expert crypto finance service provider, with 5 years of experience running blockchain nodes and services on top of those nodes, we are now offering professional crypto staking services to trusted third-party entities and clients.

Stake your Atoms on Cosmos

We are now live as a validator on the Cosmos Network through our reliable infrastructure. You can now earn passive income by staking your Atoms with us.

We have been a validator since early 2019 and are honored to be a part of the genesis block of validators for the Cosmos mainnet.

Benefits of staking your Atoms with us

  • Earn passive income without the need to invest in costly mining equipment.
  • Invest your resources with a reliable company for a higher validation pool, and therefore more opportunities to earn income.
  • We offer a highly reliable infrastructure, currently with 100% uptime, eliminating the worry of missed blocks.
  • The value of your staked Atoms does not depreciate over time. Although it’s important to note fluctuations in the market price do affect the value of the stake.
  • Proof of Stake (PoS) blockchains are more environmentally friendly and energy efficient than Proof of Work (PoW) mining projects.
  • You don’t need to have a high technical understanding of blockchains, crypto, or the Cosmos Network in order to participate in our staking services.
Learn more about our validator role on Mint Scan.

About the Cosmos Network

Cosmos aims to become an “internet of blockchains” that will solve scaling and interoperability issues within and between blockchains. We believe that Cosmos is a solution that will help bring crypto finance infrastructure to a level where it can sustain mass adoption.

Learn more about the Cosmos Network.